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Your Trusted Commercial Manager

Teekay’s Revenue Sharing Agreement (RSA)

Our commercial management franchise is a one stop shop that can provide ship owners with the stable and regular cash flow they need, and the fair and transparent service they expect.

We trade your vessels like they are our own, and this has contributed to our historically strong performance. Unlike some of the other commercial managers operating in the tanker space, Teekay has real skin in the game.

While other pools exist to generate fees, our reason to exist is to create scale with consolidation because strength in numbers is key.  Teekay places all its own ships in its Suezmax and Aframax/LR2 pools. As an Owner we understand the consequences more and as commercial manager with our own ships, we are acutely aware of risks.

Your success is ultimately our success.

Benefits of Joining Teekay’s RSA

Rely on Teekay’s strong track record

The Teekay RSA boasts a long-term impressive earnings history across all segments

Your one-stop for all commercial matters

Comprehensive management of all commercial matters including chartering, operations & claims

Count on stable earnings

Partners benefit from regular cash flow through monthly distributions.

Enjoy flexible terms

Contracts are tailored to your needs. Our pools are flexible on entry, exit and most other terms – partners are not handcuffed for a minimum period.

Access market data – anytime, anywhere

Gain complete transparency into the RSA and insider access to Teekay’s market research through The Helm, our partner-only online data dashboard.

Receive support from our in-house technical team

Contracts are tailored to your needs. Our pools are flexible on entry, exit and most other terms – partners are not handcuffed for a minimum period.

RSA Offerings

  • Commercial Operations  

    Teekay Commercial Operations leverages over 45 years of operations and voyage management, with offices located in London, Houston and Singapore. Our global presence provides 24/7 support for all voyage, operational and claims matters.

    Key Services:

    • Assist chartering in pre-fixture operations with loadable quantities and questionnaires
    • Daily management of post-fixture activities
    • Efficient and competitively-priced bunker procurement
    • Always protect owners’ interests with respect to Bills of Lading, Letters of Indemnity, deviating on laden passage, and NOR
    • Timely issuance of demurrage and other re-billable claims such as OPA, heating/deviation claims, and taxes
    • Management of problem claims up to the point of litigation or arbitration
    • Assembly and review of voyage expenses, including port expenses, demurrage and other commercial claims

    Teekay Commercial Operations. Bridging the operational gap to ensure voyages run smoothly, and on time.

  • Vetting Excellence

    Managing safety, quality, and environmental risks are a key component to successful ship operations. Our vetting team will guide and support RSA partners and their ships’ crew to ensure that vessels are fit-for-purpose.

    Our marine experts have over 25 years’ experience evaluating vetting inspections conducted by accredited inspectors, following the OCIMF (SIRE) programs. We have strong, trusted relationships with Oil Major vetting departments and OCIMF SIRE inspectors.

    RSA partners will gain access to our vetting expertise in:

    • Ensuring the suitability and compliance of all pool vessels for port calls and transportation of oil and gas
    • Managing safety and quality risks for pool vessels
    • Managing complex vetting issues

    Teekay Vetting. Managing Risk. Ensuring Safety. Protecting Earnings.

  • Technical Expertise

    Our technical team leverages over 45 years of shipyard and technical management experience with in-house and 3rd party ship management, new building design and shipyard management, dry docks, regulatory retrofits, and day to day technical requirements.

    As owners ourselves, we understand that the technical side of ship management can be daunting. Through our RSA, partners will conveniently receive the latest technical knowledge including changes in regulations or port requirements.

    Key Services:

    • Vessel efficiency, where we can help you maximize your RSA points rating
    • Knowledge sharing– access to Teekay technical management team

    Teekay Technical Expertise. Sharing over 45 years of knowledge so that we all succeed.

  • Market Intelligence

    Teekay Research provides key market insights specific to mid-sized segments.

    Our researchers work closely with the Teekay chartering desk to ensure that our well-rounded research-based market intelligence is used to help develop optimal trading strategies. Teekay’s dedicated research team provides RSA partners with the most up-to-date and relevant market information for mid-sized tanker owners.

    Together with our 2 integrated digital solutions, CRAFT and HELM, they power our RSA with real-time data and market analysis. RSA partners benefit from exclusive access to:

    • Teekay’s research team,
    • quarterly tanker market updates with our forward market view,
    • detailed daily market reports covering all transactions in the market,
    • projected earnings and distributions,
    • market assessments and commentary by the chartering teams,
    • fleet finances, operations data and historical fixtures and voyages for the fleet.

    Teekay Market Intelligence. Smart and in-depth tanker market knowledge guides the course.

  • Working Capital

    Teekay has exclusive credit facilities through Macquarie.

    RSA partners can access this facility to finance part of working capital requirements. This helps to reduce the huge capital amount upfront for potential partners.


As ship owners, we know our partners value transparency and real-time access to ship-related data. ​

With The Helm, our partner-only dashboard, RSA partners have access to real-time commercial market data, vessel performance and voyage analysis.​

Engage with your vessel and the RSAs – anytime, anywhere. ​

  • Daily market reports including freight assessment by the chartering teams, a detailed breakdown of fixtures done, and full overview of other market activity
  • RSA-wide data including historical performance and projections, monthly distributions by vessel, customer ranking, and full overview of outstanding claims and demurrage
  • Voyage itinerary, voyage history, utilization, off hire, and vetting data.
  • Detailed bunker dashboard with bunker prices for all major bunker ports updated daily.
  • Weekly high-risk and security reports which can be downloaded and shared with vessels.
  • Monthly RSA reports detailing all relevant RSA related information.
  • Monthly tanker market research reports with expert commentary.

RSA Points System

Our RSA Points System promotes fairness and transparency in our platform.​

We ensure that all RSA participants understand how their vessels are pointed through our independent third party process. ​

The distribution process is fair and balanced, and we believe that is key to building trust. ​

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