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The Benefits of Placing Your Vessel in a Teekay Pool

16 April 2018

A question we hear often when we talk to potential partners is ‘why Teekay, why not XYZ?’. And for us it really comes down to these four things:

1. Transparency

  • The Helm, our partner-exclusive portal, gives you ship and pool info on demand
  • Pool Points are straightforward and fair to each Owners – see how our Pool Points work in this video
  • Distributions are made each month without unauthorized deductions based on your vessel pool points
  • 95% of invoiced demurrage is distributed to partners before Teekay collects from our customers

2. Expertise

  • Teekay has skin in the game, your success is our success – we strive for a healthy tanker market, not for fees
  • We are an experienced Commercial Manager, owning and operating mid-size tankers since 1976
  • We’re backed by the full know-how of Teekay Shipmanagement including vetting expertise, vessel efficiency and a shipowner’s view on upcoming regulations
  • Commercial Operations manage each voyage from pre-fixture, to bunker delivery to cargo operations and finally claims are optimized so our fleet availability for our customers is high

3. Flexibility

  • Our pools are flexible on entry, exit and most other terms – partners are not handcuffed for a minimum period, if you like what we do, we hope you’ll stay
  • Contracts are tailored to your needs – we provide a service but you’re the asset manager who needs flexibility on selling or delivering into a time charter in a certain window and location – just keep us advised in a timely manner
  • We understand shipowners’ needs when docking and maintaining a vessel, and give all partners ability to make the right decisions

4. Results

  • We won’t over promise and under deliver – our partners receive the same service as our internal stakeholders
  • Our access to COA cargoes and Full Service Lightering mean we can keep your ships in the highest paying trades
  • We work with blue chip customers and through our customer service we hope for repeat business
  • Our TCE performance speaks for itself

All we ask in return is that partners give us a well approved vessel with engaged and accurate commercial operations – we’ll do the rest.

Contact Matthew or Rune for more details.