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Introducing Teekay Fuel Services

30 May 2018

Ever stemmed bunker fuel for ship expecting delivery when your ship is ready only to experience any of these issues:

  • Your ship is there but where are the bunkers – oh they’re busy delivering elsewhere and you may get your bunkers in 36 hours, but you’ll miss your next business if that happens.
  • Or your ship is diverted to another port late in the day and now you face a cancellation fee, and also need to re-stem your next bunker delivery elsewhere.
  • What if you take the bunkers and find out after sampling they’re pretty much unusable – they’re on your ship and you’ll need to find a costly solution to get them off.

Introducing Teekay Fuel Services (TFS)

  • An opportunity to tap into Teekay’s Bunker resources at no cost or contractual commitment
  • TFS is an owner-broker offering a transparent supply chain service for all owners bunker fuel deliveries worldwide

Facts and Figures

  • Bunkering over 150 vessels
  • Confirming 1,100 annual stems
  • Delivering bunkers in more than 80 ports
  • Buying over 1,000,000mts bunkers year on year
  • $4m in annual savings for our partners

Why Use TFS

  • No fees and no contract
  • Lower bunker prices through volume consolidation
  • Top tier suppliers
  • Bunker delivery optimization
  • Market intelligence
  • Transparency Provided Through:
    • Fleet Performance
    • Fleet Benchmarking
    • Daily Reporting

On top of all these benefits, we’re actively preparing for the IMO2020 Low Sulphur Bunker Regulations. As an owner and operator of over 80 mid-size oil tankers we’ve put a lot of effort into what the right solutions will be, especially for those of us not going down the scrubber route. Will the blended fuels be stable? Which fuel will be compatible with other fuels? Is the forward curve for MGO really going to decouple from it’s present delta and by how much? We’ve got you covered.

Questions on bunkers?

Email Ashley Noronha ( or Matthew Blake ( for more details.