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What is a Revenue Sharing Agreement (RSA)?

23 September 2021

Teekay Tankers’ Revenue Sharing Agreement is a contract signed between Teekay’s Commercial Management Team and ship owners. Under this agreement, Teekay trades our partners’ vessels as if they were our own, and in turn, ship owners receive the stable and regular cash flow they need with the fair and transparent service they expect. 

With Teekay Tankers’ RSA, your success is our success. Teekay Tankers’ RSA exists not to generate fees, but to find strength in numbers to optimize performance within the Suezmax and Aframax/LR2 pools. We are uniquely positioned as a commercial manager operating in the tanker space because we have skin in the game.  You can trust that as ship owners ourselves, Teekay understands the cause, effect, and risks of every business decision we make – and we do not take our responsibility to our partners lightly. 

Benefits of Joining Teekay Tankers’ RSA 

When joining Teekay Tankers’ RSA, ship owners get access to: 

  • one-stop-shop management of all commercial matters including chartering, operations, and claims,
  • flexible terms tailored to your needs,
  • dedicated support from our in-house technical team with over 50 years of ship management expertise, 
  • stable and regular cash flow in volatile markets, and 
  • insider access to market-leading analytics, reporting, and expert insight through The Helm – our partner-only dashboard.

Work with Teekay’s Commercial Management Team 

Our Commercial Management Team provides 50 years of expertise and a strong track record of long-term earnings history across all segments to Teekay’s RSA partners. With offices in Singapore, London, and Houston, the team provides 24/7 support for all voyages and operational matters. Partners can rest assured knowing that our dedicated and experienced colleagues can meet their needs wherever in the world service is needed.

Tap Into Teekay’s Technical and Operational Expertise 

Aside from market expertise and world-class service, RSA partners also stand to benefit from Teekay’s technical and logistical ship management expertise, and Teekay’s record of operational excellence. Through the RSA, partners conveniently receive the care that comes with the Teekay brand name – safety, integrity, transparency, and fairness. Teekay is committed to optimizing tanker operations for our RSA partners while maintaining our reputation and our partners’ reputation along the way.

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