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Teekay Tankers Services leverages over 45 years of marine energy transportation experience to provide world-class technical, commercial, and operational service to 3rd party vessel owners. As a shipowner, Teekay understands that each owner has unique requirements, and our service offerings provide owners the opportunity to tailor our services and terms to meet their specific requirements.

Our Services

  • Technical Management

    Our technical management platform leverages over 45 years of shipyard and technical management experience with in-house and 3rd party ship management, new building design and shipyard management, dry docks, regulatory retrofits, and day to day technical requirements.

    As a shipowner, we believe in safety, efficiency, and transparency, and we know our customers also hold these values. We ensure that owners manage the balance between asset value and running costs by working with fellow ship owners to mange the life cycle of their asset.

    Our fee structure is simple and transparent, with no hidden charges or special fees, and we ensure that all rebates and brokerages generated by the vessel are credited to the Owner.

    Our Technical Services are offered to counterparties when Teekay will also benefit from a commercial relationship.

    Full Technical Management 

    Teekay currently manages over 50 Suezmax, LRII and Aframax, so if you’re looking for synergies on existing vessels or looking to grow in these segments, Teekay can offer a one stop shop of best in class Full Spectrum Management

    Technical Management will focus on safety, reputation and valueYour ship will be operated to the same high standards as every other Teekay ship to maximize your earnings potential and bring our crews home safely. 

    Our technical expertise includes:

    • Full technical management
    • In-House Crewing solutions
    • Crewing
    • Shipyard relationship management
    • Procurement
    • Insurance
    • Post fixture management
    • New building supervision
    • Pre-Purchase Inspections 
    • Project management
    • Design expertise
    • Planned maintenance 
    • Safety management systems
    • Dry docking
    • Vetting
    • Managing the Manager 
    • Data Management and Systems design

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